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Sunday, July 1, 2012


The bathrooms are done.  Oh yea.  They aren't done to our total satisfaction, but they are one heck of a sight better than they were.  Plus, I love the new toilets with the slowly self closing lids.  No more banging.  Our shower upstairs is dreamy after being in the tiny fiberglass one that wouldn't scrub clean.  Plus, no more drywall crumbling off the walls.  I'm glad we have that project completed.  Now for a new kitchen counter and sink.  I actually wanted to do that first.  We will let 'Lowes' do that.

You can't tell in this picture, but the vanity has slats like the wooden blinds.  Basically, new paint, new vanity, toilet and completion of the flooring (downstairs).

The paint (upstairs) is a soft olive green that I really like.  The vanity and medicine cabinet are antique white with bronze fixtures.  The back splash is colored glass.

Our bathroom is so small we had to put a free standing tissue holder in front of the toilet.  I am very happy that we decided to tile the floors and shower/tub wall.

The same glass backsplash  at the sink we used for a design in the shower in the form of diamonds.  There is another row of 4 diamonds below the two seen here and small ones in the shampoo holders.  There is another shampoo holder at the back of the shower.

Glass tiles made into diamonds to break things up.

Wayne decided upon a curved shower curtain.  That gives us more room when standing in the shower.  Good job Wayne.  We used mostly all bronze fixures.

Sink with the back splash.

Too bad we didn't take any before and afters.  You would really appreciate the "after." 
I know we do!


Karen said...

It looks great, and I like how the diamonds turned out. If I remember, there was some issue with that.

Those curved shower rods are great. I didn't know they existed until I came across one in a hotel, and that's what we installed when we renovated our bathroom.

Kathy said...

Very nice!!

gvmama said...

Karen...you were right. Wayne decided all on his little own to put 4 diamonds ABOVE the shampoo holders. I came home and as soon as I saw it, I said "STOP." It was way too busy. Everyone knows that I can pretty much live in a cabin without spiders and mice....so this is really luxurious to us!