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Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Jet and I are co-owners
of our new "beach-mobile"

Many of my friends think I bought this van for trialing.  Well, yes and no.  I actually bought it for Jet.  I wanted something low enough for him to get in and out of easily.  The bed is so low  he can hop right on it.  He got in and out of the van about 4 times with ease.  I think I saw him give me a big "wink' on one of those in and outs. :0)  We aren't getting any younger. 

Everything is where I would put it in this Pleasure-Way.  The only thing I will need to do is get covers for the couch, chairs, etc.  I'll probably travel with a few soft crates. I usually don't travel with more than 3 dogs by myself.  If the whole crew is going, we take the toy hauler.

Tomorrow, I'll get a better look at where things can be stored.  I have to admit it has lots of storage space.   I can't wait to take a better look at it manana.

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Anonymous said...

You two look so happy -- matching smiles. Definitely Jet approved! :) Congratulations again Suzanne.