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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maiden Voyage

I had never been to Pismo State beach, so this was a first for me.  The camp sites were roomy and the place was packed, but you would never know it.  It is far enough north that it has lots of beautiful old Cypress trees.  My camper van handled beautifully.  I even got in a pinch at a small gas station.  I wanted to go around the back of the station to line up at the pump I wanted, but there were trees overhanging and it was too small an area for me to fit through.  This was a really crowded station.  I had to back the van through and by about 8 cars in a small area.  It was easy breezy.  Yea!

Look at those bums!  We had just returned from the beach and they settled into a nap with no regard as to where I was going to sleep!   Actually, with a flip of a switch the back couch they are on folds out flat to a bed.  I found out it is roomy enough to sleep two people easily and a dog.  I love that it is a wide body camper van.  Several people can fit through the aisle way.

Yoko was SO happy that there are two cubby holes for her to curl up into.  This pup loves a small out of the way place to sleep.  She sleeps under couches, beds, and coffee table tables.  She gave her seal of approval concerning her new spots to snooze in the van.

This was the view behind my camping spot.  Just a stone throw from the beach.  There are no beach spots like Jalama.  Big bummer is that you have to keep your dogs on a leash.  Horses are permitted on the beach.  If you walk early morning and at about dinner time, you can have the beach mostly to yourself.  I kept Jet on leash and let Yoko drag hers.  While I was out walking I heard, "Suzanne, Suzanne."  I couldn't see looking into the sun.  But, lo and behold it was Marcy Roberts (dog trailing friend).  She and her family were camping at Pismo that weekend.  Small world, eh?

The TV swings out of this cubby hole to face the front of the van.  The passenger seat swivels around with a little table.  That way if you want to watch TV from the front you can.  The neat thing I discovered was that I could use this area as a cubby hole at night for necessary items like my lantern, kleenex, water, and a snack.  I was pretty elated about that!
Above the TV (I should have taken a photo) is a cubby hole for the coffee maker.  That way you don't have to use up counter space.  You can make your coffee right in the cubby hole.  That is way COOL!

"Good God, it's morning already!"
Get up you bums!
Really nice the back doors swing open :0)


Karen said...

Glad your new camper van is working out so well for you, and the dogs too:)

Jenny Glen said...

Bob likes his "cave" in our camper too! He snuggles in between the bed and the wall.

Doree said...

Wow! Looks like just the ticket. I'll have to check these camper vans out. Glad the maiden voyage went well.