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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday at the Fairgrounds

This was the course in the arena at the fairgrounds. 
It's a fun event and it gives cash and prizes.

This is a picture of Bryan's Scoop in the prelims.  I think Bryan and Scoop and Rhonda and Jane had the prettiest prelim runs.

Daughter and father waiting for things to begin

Happy Jet waiting to watch his daughter

Clydesdales doing their own drill team line-up

A pretty twosome stop to say hi

Yoko looking ready to run.  She ran a nice course.  The sheep were a bit challenging, but we love a challenge.  Yoko didn't make the finals. :(

"I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine."
(That's only okay with horses)

"Don't jump Yoko.  You had a fine run."  That's the way things happen sometimes. 
We all know that.
It doesn't make it any easier.  That's life. 

"Bummer.  Let's head to the beach."


Karen said...

So you've got me wondering about those horses. Was that a trained performance? (Just looking at the matching pairs of scratching horses)
Aww, too bad you didn't make it to the finals, but I'm sure the dogs were just as happy playing at the beach!

gvmama said...

Horses were just exercising loose in the next arena :0) It looked like they were doing their own routine!
Yeah...Yo didn't know she didn't make it to the finals, but I sure did!