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Friday, July 27, 2012

Beach bums

This is a view of Pismo State beach looking north towards the pier.

This is the tributary.  Yoko is watching the kids on their rafts.

Lots of bird life in the tributary.

Happy Yoko!

This is a picture of Yoko several seconds before she ran to the the tributary and jumped into the water with the kids.  Bad Yoko.  Yoko is ALL about water!

This is Pismo State beach looking south.  Fog bank rolling in.

Morning walk on the way to the pier.  Pretty 'Sand Castle' Inn.

Look at how BIG Yoko's eyes are! 
That is because the surf is crashing under the pier making a loud thunderous noise. :0)

Nothing more meditative than a morning walk. 
 I loved the 'lines' of this photo.

Yoko and Jet are waiting for me to get my coffee.  I found this cute little place close to the pier that was open super early.  They also had every type of candy you could think of.  I bought a sugar daddy, candy corn, and some red hots. :0)

Drank my coffee on the end of the pier

I have always been fascinated with birds of all kinds.
I love the Peli's that take up residence on the pier. 
Big  beggers!

Jet walking down the pier holding my camera case

More birds

Heads Up!  Coming in for a landing. :0)

Saw lots of dolphin swimming by.  This one seemed to wave at me.

On the trek back to the van, the dogs waited while I did some beach combing.
Both dogs sit quietly as people jog and stroll by them.
We had one incident.  It really wasn't an 'incident' but it could have been.  Two ladies about my age came strolling down the beach.  One lady came up from behind Yoko and Jet and decided to walk between them.  Sometimes people don't think!  I wasn't fast enough.  Though, Yoko was.  She nipped the lady in the heel.  I apologized and the lady just waved it off.  Good thing for me.  I was a bit more careful watching Yoko from then on.  Yoko is my most favorite dog to travel with because she is very laid back, but always on guard.  Her half brother, Champ is going to be the same way.

What a beautiful morning!

This was my booty!  Some 30 sand dollars.
A friend said, "That was a million dollar day."
Sure was!


Karen said...

Laughed at the three Hershey's kisses on the table with the colourful sand dollars:)
What a great place to visit, love the look of that beach!
When we take the dogs to the market, they are in a down stay on the grass behind our spot while we get set up. I have to be on the look out for the idiots that come up with their little dogs on extending leashes that think they should let their dogs visit ours. Luna will tell them what she thinks of that idea pretty quickly.

Doree said...

My two would be all over those birds! Looks like a great time was had by all!