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Sunday, July 29, 2012

More than just a feeling....

When I was traveling home from Pismo beach last Monday, I was thinking about my mother and father.  I was sucking on a sugar daddy which I don't usually buy since I have quite a few crowns.  LOL  Once in a great while, my mother would eat a sugar daddy.  It was one of her favorite candies. One time in Washington traveling with Wayne, I was eating a sugar daddy as we stopped to look at a historical marker.  My crown came off in the caramel and fell in between a crack in the cement.  It took Wayne about 5 minutes to fish it out, plus we had to go to a drug store and get some stuff to stick it back on for the remainder of the trip.
Anyways, I was traveling down the road eating my sugar daddy being careful not to chomp down on it with my caps :0)  A really strong feeling of my mother came over me.  I could actually "feel" her presence with me.  As I was silently talking to her I felt something on my shoulder.  I looked in my rear view mirror to see where the dogs were.  It felt like Yoko jumped up with her paws on my shoulder.  They were both lying on the back couch in the camper van.  I got a few goosebumps and thanked my mother for the visit.
The next morning when I went to work, I looked up at the patient board to see my assignment and check the date.  I always know what day it is, but I need to double check the date.  I was surprised to see it was already July 24th.  Yesterday, while traveling home from the beach, it was the 23rd. 
It was my mother's birthday.


Karen said...

I pulled a crown off once while eating a really chewy toffee type candy:(
That story about your mother was fascinating, and yeah, I'd have goosebumps too. I bet you'll be really aware of her birthday next year, and be hoping for another 'visit'.

Doree said...

You know I've always thought that's why you're so drawn to the water.....that's when you're closest to your folks! So glad she visited you. Very special.

gvmama said...

I never thought about that Doree....I think you're on to something there. My grandmother was very psychic and I have the same abilities. Well, I think we all do....you just have to be open to it and listen. :0)