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Monday, June 4, 2012

New Mexico

Wayne told me his father was originally from New Mexico. (Anaya is Wayne's last name)  I stopped the truck when I saw this restaurant.  No. I didn't eat there  LOL

This is the decorations on Albuquerque's freeway overpasses.  Did someone really think this was attractive???  I like some modern art, but it looks like a bunch of junk (to me)

I was worried about shade for my dogs without a canopy or trailer.  Turned out I found the perfect spot for them all 4 days of the trial. 

This was my room at the Turner Inn.  The first room they gave me was the size of our first floor of our house.  I was a bit uncomfortable with that much room, so I asked for another room.  They gave me the same room I had 7 years ago.  LOL  I should have bought another lottery ticket for that day, too!  The room had two beds, sink, shower, toilet, micro and small refrigerator.  It was perfect and cooled off quickly with the window air conditioner.  Notice my girls making themselves at home :0)

One of three fields I got to work my dogs in.  Nice that everything was still green.  They had some big snows this last winter or otherwise it might be wheat colored grass.  The 2nd day it blew so hard you had to hold onto the post to keep from blowing away.  The last couple of days it was picture/weather perfect.

This is where I went to dinner.  The Shaffer Hotel.  It's the fanciest place in town with good cooks.  Thank God, because there really isn't anywhere else to eat in Mountainair.  The last night some exhibitors from Colorado insisted that I eat with them.  That was lots of fun.  I enjoyed getting to know them.

I wasn't too sure that I wanted to try the Rosebud Saloon!

Another field where we trialed.  The outruns weren't huge.  They were set at 350-400 yards which I think is the PURRFECT distance.  My girls were barely panting.

Geri's lil imported 6 mo. bitch, Mist.  Cute as a button.

The sheep were fabulous on day one.  Un dog-broke yearling range ewes in excellent condition.  Day two they were a little bit more dog broke.  Day three they were getting heavy to work.  Day four they were like slugs to move :0)

Kudos to my Yoko for competing non-comp in 4 open classes and finishing ALL except the last single (shed) on the last day.  She had time to get the single, but she just didn't have the goods to hold the single.  I was so proud of her.  It really boosted my confidence in her.  I learned a lot from those open classes.  Yo also placed in a few of the pro-novice classes.  The classes weren't huge, but the competition was fierce.  As one competitor said, "I didn't drive all the way here to take second."
No shit Sherlock.  Now that's a competitor!

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