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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Side trip - Sedona

I said that I wouldn't have time for a side trip to Sedona on my trek to New Mexico.  I MADE time!  I love Sedona.  I called ahead to the hotel that I stayed at 7 years ago.  They had one room left (since it was Memorial weekend).  They said it was on the upper level.  I said I would take it.  When I arrived at the King's Ransom in Sedona, they said they had a lower level room open up.  It was the same room I stayed in 7 years ago.  What are the chances?  A beautiful room overlooking the hills and jacuzzi.  Someone mentioned I should have bought a lottery ticket that day.  I think they were right.

As you wind down to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, is home to many birds and animals.  They have lovely places to stay right on the creek all the way down into central Sedona.  Jacuzzi's and places that give massages abound.

Now coming into the famous red rock formations.  Hotels, homes, and places of business build their structures of adobe with hues of sandstone to lavender to blend into the hills and sunrises and sunsets.
A powerful, unseen dimension exists within each of us connecting us to everything else in the universe.  Time stops for me in Sedona.  It connects me with my inner voice.

This was the jacuzzi outside of my room.  Everyone was dining outside on the upstairs porch while I soaked by myself.  Bubble, bubble, bubble :0)

And, this was my view from the jacuzzi.  How meditative can you get?

On one of our hikes (the hiking trail is right behind the King's Ransom Hotel) was a pen put up by the forestry station.  If I had to guess, I would guess it was for catching wild pigs.  Do you think?

The girls on a  sunset hike stop for a photo. 

The red rock formations are breathtaking and change in color from sunrise to sunset.

I had to be careful hiking in the red rocks for there is quite a bit of cactus everywhere.  On the way out of Sedona I found a lovely meadow that the girls could run to their heart's content.

Yoko stares off in the distance.  Kilt and Yoko are the GREATEST dogs to travel with.  They LOVE to go with me ANYWHERE.  And, I love to travel with them.

Bye, Bye Sedona.  We'll be back :0)

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Karen said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful scenery!