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Monday, June 4, 2012

Captain's Cove

This is a Manatee right outside of my father's home in Florida.  My brother and his wife are still living in Pop's place until it gets sold.  He lives right on the Indian River that meanders out to the Atlantic ocean.  Manatee's like shallow warm, brackish waters.

Here a Manatee is lolling about on his or her back playing with the fresh water from the hose. The cove is shallow so the water is warm.  Linda said he would put his flippers up into the fresh water and splash it on his belly. They are such gentle giants.

Manatees are protected.  Many get severely injured and die from the props on boat motors.
My mother loved to look out her huge glass window from her bedroom watching for manatees.  She would call all of us as soon as she spotted them swimming into Captain's Cove.  So COOL!
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Karen said...

They are cool!
Playing with the hose, just like the border collies:)