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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip and Champ go out for the afternoon

Sunday I scratched Yoko from a trial down south at Candy Kennedy's.  It was more important to me to take a day off.  Wayne and I went into town.  We took Champ along with us to Home Depot.  He wore a little dog training vest.  I'd like to replace my kitchen counter and sink.  It is just as old as everything else in this house.  P.S. The bathrooms are still not done (sigh), but the shower is usable now.  Cool.

Champ is pretty laid back around adults, but is still very unsure of little kids.

Trip was very excited to be going out to lunch with his brother, Champ.  We all went to the Lazy Dog Cafe at the mall.

Champ was pretty much on his best behavior, plus he could watch everyone walking by at the mall.

It was difficult to get a picture of them together.  Geez. Trip is a little longer in the leg than Champ, plus has his Momma's pretty eyes.

The Cafe served them their own water bowls, plus they split a hamburger.

After lunch the pups checked out the balloons with Wayne and John.  They didn't seem disturbed at all by them. 
On the way to the truck, Champ rode a Grizzly!

Look what I dreamed of....2013 Mercedes Diesel 24 feet with a side-out.  We even went in and looked at financing to see if they would take our old RV and other 18 foot trailer.  I'm dreaming, but it was the coolest dream.
Everyone enjoyed Champ at the RV place.  The only thing that bothered Champ besides the kids was a large statue of a Dalmatian dog.  He was really bothered by that.  Other than that, he had a pretty cool afternoon. :0)


Karen said...

What a well behaved pup Champ is! He's living up to his name:)

gvmama said...

Kinda :0) It hasn't been without a struggle since he is so well bred to WORK.