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Monday, May 7, 2012

Under construction

Champ most likely walked across the coffee table (by the bear) to sit atop of this crate.  Yoko is our coffee table "hopper" to get to the back door.  None of the other dogs do that and Wayne was hoping Champ wouldn't either.  haha  This crate is where Trouble likes to sit in the morning sun.  Obviously, he finds the cushion on the top of it quite comfy, too.  Our house is still in shambles and will be for another few weeks.  The construction workers tape down paper in the hallways and on the stairs to walk on, while Champ tries to pull it up.  LOL  Lovely.

Jet and Champ (the boys) taking a break in the kitchen

Wayne can't get over Champ.  He loves the fact that he is so mellow.  I like it too, but I'm hoping he will be the opposite when it comes to working his sheep. He is a still a bit loose in the rear.  He has the speed of his mother, but is still a bit wobbly.  I will probably Pennhip him in another week or two just to make sure his hips are good.  Everyone in the first few generations are OFA'ed.  Buzz's hips are good and Kilt's are excellent.  Hap, Champ's grandfather had a "rolling, side to side" way of moving.  Plus, Suzy said Hap had a small butt with thunder thighs. Champ may be taking after his grandfather.  If he works anything like his grandfather, I will be thrilled. :0) 

The only dogs I have not x-rayed are Trouble (our JRT) and Yoko, Jet/Kilt daughter.  Both are spayed.  Yoko has her mother's leaping ability.  Both can leap to a 5 foot ledge from a standstill.  It's almost uncanny.  And, Trouble, well, with her size being so small, she probably doubles the leaps Yoko and Kilt make.  Haha  I Wish I had never spayed Trouble, though :0(  What a FAB little dog she is!  And, Xena would have been one of the best LABs to add to the genetic pool of her breed.  C'est la vie.  There are enough dogs out there. 


They say a Pennhip is more accurate after 4 mos. of age than an OFA x-ray after 2 years of age.  Plus, it give you an accurate look at screening canine hips for susceptibility to osteoarthritis before the disease is already happening.  Anyway, I'm willing to put out the $$$ to Pennhip him.
You know, we would live in a castle if we didn't have the dogs. :0)  But, who knows, I might have croaked during the first rounds of chemo/radiation WITHOUT my 'therapy" dogs.

Under Construction

Wow...live and learn.  I never knew after all of these years that my husband was such an "interior decorator."  I'm pretty much a sloppy, can live anywhere type of person.  A cabin would suit me, without the spiders.  Wayne has really rose to the occasion of designing the ornamental tiles, etc. that are going into the upstairs bathroom.  To say that I am impressed, is an understatement. 
But, just call me SMART.  If he doesn't like the way it looks, he won't be able to say a word to me about it.  I love it.  This morning he was several hours late getting to work, because he waited till the workers got here and changed up some stuff.  He is making him tear down some tiles that have already been put up.  Way to go Wayne.  Maybe, I'm not so smart, because he had me write a $100 check to give to the head worker of the bunch for his pain of having to redo some stuff. :0)

Onward and Upward....

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