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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Executive decision

Ahhhh.....I walk upstairs at about mid day and see that all is going well.  Come about 3:30 I walk up again and I think......Eeeeek!   Wayne had asked for alot more ornate looking diamonds to be cut in the tile than I wanted to see.  Remember how I said I was going to let him make all of the decisions.
I lied.  I had to make an executive spousal decision on the spot.

This is how we are living

I finally had them reline the stairs after we all began tripping on the paper

It was too busy for me.  Wayne has a bit of O.C.D.  He likes everything in straight lines and matching.  As I said before, I'm artsy craftsy and pretty much a slob.  I like color, but I really don't care for busy.  The work was already done.  STOP.  Sorry, guys...we have to do a "re-do." They weren't exactly happy with me or Wayne for that fact.  Oh well.  We are the ones that have to live with it.

Tub and decorative diamonds in the tile

Heck, I already gave the lead worker an extra $100 today.  Let's be nice here.  When we first signed on for this job construction, a designer came to the house to help us choose the tile and glass ornate beads to put in the tile.  Where is he now when we need him?
 I left a message with the project manager kind of posing that question to him.  That evening the project manager came to see what the problem was.  Thank Goodness, he said, "Wayne, before you want to change anything, call me first." He agreed with me. Less is best :0)  I think we are back on track now.

I think it will be pretty when it is done :0)

Once all of the grout is in, I think it is going to look very pretty.  Almost too pretty for this house.  The floor has larger tiles laid in a diamond pattern.  I picked out an antique white vanity, medicine cabinet and mirror.  Everything is with bronze fixtures. 

Next big job.....the kitchen.  Plus, our curtains are some 25 years old.  Me thinks I best skip anymore BIG trials after New Mexico, so I can pay for all of these luxuries.  I wanted to go to LaCamas in August, but this might be a good year to sit some of these big trials out.  I am taking a girlfriend cruise in September and hopefully Wayne and I can go to Jalama beach for Christmas.  That works for me.  I'm sure the dogs won't mind :0)

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Doree said...

Don't you just love remodels.....NOT! A friend did a major one while they lived in one bedroom & "cooked" in the garage. 1.5 yrs later it was finished (& the marriage survived!). Yikes!!