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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cowgirl Up!

I am truly blessed to have Task farms within 15 min. of where we live in Green Valley.  I have more fun at these ranch trials than a lady should be allowed to have :0)

My girls,Yoko and Kilt trialed in Ranch course sheep.  They have 15 min. to complete the course which includes, loading and unloading sheep in trailers among many other obstacles.  Yoko won the class with her mother, Kilt coming in 2nd.  Note:  Kilt should have won the class :0)

Jet was on hand to teach Champ all about having good manners.  Champ loves everyone and every dog.  He learned to "follow" behind my knee at this trial instead of pulling me on the leash.  It took about 3 minutes to teach him.

As you can see, he also, learned to pose.  If he is hanging with the Anaya's, he better get used to having his picture taken!

He was tolerant of me setting him on this small platform on the Conestoga wagon.  Sure made quite a few photo moments.  I love Task farms. 

Here Champ is hanging by the cauldron.

Jet was a bit sore working sheep at the last ranch trial, so I entered him in something he could do with ease....work geese.  He did a nice job.  Too bad it took me two dogs in the goose class to learn the course.  I have never done AHBA geese and I missed the handler's meeting.  I put both Yoko and Jet in advanced geese.

Jet is the master of the shed.  Even so, his daughter beat him taking 2nd place while Jet took a 5th place.  Yoko did okay for her first time on geese.  I had to raise my voice 3 times to her for thinking about plucking a few feathers.  Her shed was just as easy as her fathers'. :0)

Judge Larry and Task farm owner, Terry.  We went out to dinner with 10 others on Friday night.  Oh that was fun.  We went to the Rock Inn in Lake Hughes.  Terry picked up the tab for ALL.  Thank-you Terry.  Next dinner is on us.  We had a fabulous time.


Karen said...

I'm glad you had such a great day, you deserved it, to counteract the previously shitty week!

Poor Xena, glad she was okay. Of course made me think of Calli and her being t-boned by another dog and the resulting damage.

Doree said...

Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. You needed it. PS - I just love Champ's ears!

gvmama said...

Yep, we try to be careful with our aged dogs, fer sure.
Chamnp's ears....I sure would have loved them to have been prick ears like his PA. sister, Fly. Oh well. Don't know where he got the heavy ear 'leather'....most certainly not from Kilt and ancestry.