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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


What a great day other than the fact that I was scheduled to work and didn't know it.  Second time in 26 years.  I try to work part time (two 12's a week) so all of the full timers are always changing days with me for the days they need off.  Obviously, I got corn-fused...my schedule says I'm not on today.  Oh well.
Funny thing...they called me to ask where I was when I went to shower down in the trailer because of the bathroom construction.  Too bad they didn't try me a couple of times.  I was home until 10 AM.

Anywho....I made arrangements with a friend (co-worker) to go wash dogs and go out to lunch.  We made a day of it.

Champ is thinking, "Who are these dogs wandering around in here?"

Champ looking on.  "Is that Michele and Sadie?"

"Oh yea!  It is Michele!"

Normally, I wouldn't pay to take my dogs to U Wash Doggie.  On a day like today I would put them on the outside picnik bench and shampoo them with the cold water from the hose.  But, today I decided to take both the boys, Jet and Champ, for a special treat.  LOL


"You want a "penny" for my thoughts?"

"Hey, Jet...these stairs are pretty neat."

"Bummer.  Is this what we are doing today?"

"Look how cute I look.  Mom even used a blow dryer on me.  I wasn't exactly excited about that.  But, my buddy, Jet was right next to me in the tub, so I wouldn't be scared."

Awwwww...Sadie, you are too adorable!"

"Now that we three look absolutely gorgeous, we are going to the Lazy Dog Cafe for lunch!"
More photos tomorrow :0)

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Karen said...

I'm sure the dogs weren't too thrilled, but it sounds like a fun thing to do with friends:)