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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lazy Dog Cafe

Nothing better than going to lunch at the Lazy Dog Cafe where pooches are welcome to sit outside.  Today, 15% of our purchase went towards our hospital where we work.  Purrfect. (Other than the fact I was supposed to be working).  That still cracks me up.  Oh well.
The dogs got their own bowls of water with ice cubes. It was almost 97 degrees outside.  Plus, they got to choose chicken or hamburger for their lunch.  They were oh so well behaved, even Champ.

"I already ate my ice cubes and made a big mess."

"Please Michele, oh please, I want HAMBURGER!"

                                                           Champ with his backpack on.

Champ is unusual.  He rarely begs. To say that he is easy-going is an understatement.
 I did weigh him on a scale today and he weighs 27.5 lbs.  These puppies ALL have some mass to them.  He will be 5 mos. next week and almost weighs as much as his mother.  He only eats twice a day.  Wayne says he is all muscle.  Not "lean" muscle like Kilt.

Sadie begging for some more chicken.

Jet crosses his legs asking for more hamburger.

Three very happy dogs at the Lazy Dog Cafe

Then to end the day, we did a little shopping at the mall.
You can't get any better socialization than that.  I think Champ could pass the Delta therapy dog test right now. :0)

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Karen said...

I'm sure the dogs figured that the cafe more than made up for having to have a spa treatment first:) What a fun day that was, and way better than having to work!