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Friday, May 11, 2012

There is something about the beach.....

The beach calls me to me of late.  I'm in love with the water.  Even more so than the mountains.  In the mountains I'm usually hiking and listening to my own words in my head as I put one foot in front of the other.  When I get to the beach, my mind goes blank and I get a big grin on my face.  I love it.

Yoko is our "swimmer."  Today she joined me since she was absolutely filthy with dirt.  She is also our "digger."  I thought a good wash in the ocean would be perfect for her.  I don't have to ask her to get in.  She loves to swim.

We met some Golden "Doodles" minus the short guy.  They were very well behaved and having a fine time.

Yoko practiced her frisbee skills.  It's hard to throw a frisbee and take a picture at the same time.

Look!  A sea monster.  I'm thinking this is a bull elephant seal that a shark got.  Not sure.  It had washed up fairly recently because it wasn't too stinky.

"YOKO!  STOP!  Don't you dare roll in that."  I guess it was stinky to her!

Time for some reflection as the Pelicans pass by.  What were just Yoko and I doing at the beach this afternoon?  We were waiting for Champ's Pennhip results.  I have been fretting for some time now about his hips and how he moves in the rear.  All of our othe dogs move like dressage horses.  Champ kind of rolls back and forth. I didn't want to start him on sheep in a few months unless he was structurely sound.  I brought Yoko to keep him company on the way to the clinic in Fillmore that does Pennhips.  Then Yo and I came to the beach to say a special prayer.

Yoko got in her exercise chasing Seagulls.  I like this photo. :0)

Then we went to the Harbor for lunch.  I like to go to Spinnakers and have their Dungeness crab salad with sour dough bread.  Yum!

Yoko got a round of applause from people walking by when she jumped up here with her leash in her mouth.  A chip off the ol' block...just like her Dad, Jet.

Wet Yoko resting while I finish my lunch.  A quick call to the clinic and we are back on the freeway to go pick up Champ.
Results tomorrow


Karen said...

A cliffhanger!
And what a nice time you had there with Yoko:)
I do love the beach too. Have been to the ocean very little with these dogs, but used to love going down there with the horses when I was young.

gvmama said...

Karen...Sunday, my friend Melodie and I are going to Cambria on the coast. Just a girls trip shopping, etc. BUT, we are taking a horseback ride at sunset overlooking the ocean on Monday. I used to love to ride my horse on the beach :0)