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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Send the geeks in....

Now blogger has changed the format on my ipad. I think I am getting a migraine. Wayne is home from his fishing trip, so maybe he can check out the PC this weekend. Computers are so time consuming when something goes awry. Ugh! I've decided if Wayne doesn't want to run Yoko in agility, I am. She is so talented! Ihave started teaching her running contacts. When Wayne got home last night I showed him her weaves. He was impressed. She is blazing fast just like her parents. Champ is 15 weeks now. He does a small dogwalk, runs some planks on the ground, hops up on the table and is crazy for the tunnel. He is now bringing back his dumbbell and giving it to me. He is a tennis ball maniac. I only toss it for him when he does a great recall or something really special. He knows it is in my pocket and it helps keephim focused on me. He is absolutely crazy for his Mom and the sheep. This makes life a wee bit difficult on the homefront. I try to keep him separated from Kilt and away from the sheep. Double Ugh. Kilt is a right handed dog and Champ is a southpaw. If I put them in the yard together she races in right handed circles while he races in left hand circles. They look like an EGG BEATER. They make me dizzy. Plus, I can't kennel him anywhere in the line of sight of our sheep, Five was easy. With six you get eggroll or egg beaters! I have 48 hrs to decide whether to travel to New Mexico for an upcoming May trial. I went years ago with Jet and stopped off at Sedona for a few days. Unfortunately, I don't have TIME to do that this time with work and all. I advertised on Facebook for a travel partner, but most of my friends are going to northern Ca. for a sheeptrial on the same weekend. The nice thing about NM is that it is a 12-13 hr drive and it is over 4 days. The open dog will work range ewes and the pro-novice dogs will work a farm flock. Good choices for Kilt and Yoko. I may go by myself. Idon't mind the drive.....just having to pay the hotel expenses by myself. :0( Off to grocery shop. I don't know how to use spellcheck on the ipad. Sorry. Champ and I are leaving Starbucks now......later gators.

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Doree said...

I think everyone can relate to computer problems. Just hung up with Apple. They repaired my laptop for $$$ & it still has the same problem. They passed me on to a Senior Tech Advisor. She did some things over the phone. I'll test for acouple of days & if that doesn't work, she's sending a box for me to ship it to them. Much better than another 4 hr round trip to Sacramento. Here's hoping! Both my kids are tech savy but they're long distance. It's frustrating & time consuming that's for sure. Just work, darn it!! :-)