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Monday, April 2, 2012

Computer Hell

I'm in computer Hell for the moment. I can access my blog by my ipad, but not by my PC. Searching for a fix, but these things are so time consuming. Bear with me. :0( Meanwhile, I had a blast watching the AKC agility finals on the live stream. I still know a lot people in agility. Many of my acquaintances were in the finals, but most& , all but one, blew a contact. Nice to see Barb and Emma win the 16 inch performance. I feel like I know Barb even though we haven't met. We have dogs from the same bloodlines and I know her hubby through sheep herding. I hate typing on the ipad, because it is TEDIOUS! Me thinks if Wayne isn't going to trial Yoko in agility then it's up to me. She LOVES it and is very good. She is a fine sheepdog, too....but, I think sne would really excell in agility. I'm going to put some effort into her training and finding a place I can work her her. I'm not giving up sheep trialing. It's just so damn expensive and the trials are so far away. Off to clean house and get ready for Wayne's return from the great fishing trip. Thus far, one untagged trout caught. Conditions for the derby have been less than desirable to say the least. Wind, snow, cold....kind of like sheep trialing. :0). Later.

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Karen said...

Hopefully Wayne is a computer geek:)