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Friday, April 20, 2012

La Laguna de Diablo

I talked Wayne into taking the "non Border Collies" to the lake for a walk about after he came home from work.  I wanted to show him the old homestead.

On the trail

At the old homestead which may be a way station

Trouble in the oven (circa 1800s)

Wayne found a path that went up through the old orchard

The girls and I followed after Wayne yelled at us to come

There was an old grave yard in the clearing

Xena standing at the open gate

There were 5 grave markers

All I found out, thus far, about the Frakes is that their homestead was once a way station along the old stagecoach route.

It was a nice walk filled with historical facts and myths.

Wouldn't it be great to see El Diablo's pet soaring over the homestead?


Karen said...

Those look like fairly new headstones, so probably someone in the family visits once in a while.
I'll bet your local museum has some more information. What a cool find though!

gvmama said...

We are too rural to have a local museum. :0) But, yes, some of the grave stones were new. Someone is till doing some upkeep.
While I was at work last night, Wayne drove out there for another hike around the lake. I need to find Vasquez's hideout cave. Had to have been a big one if he was hiding stolen horses and cattle!