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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life's a beach

Pawprints on the beach
Out of the 25 pictures I took at Ventura beach on Wednesday, this would be the one I would pick to blow up.  I love that the only footsteps on the beach are Jet's and Champ's as they run.

Jet tugs with Champ
Since I have six dogs, I try to give each individual attention.  Today the weather was picture purrfect for the beach.  Ventura is about 90 minutes from us.  I chose to take Jet to help Champ with his  manners.  Monkey see/monkey do with these Border Collies. Jet has impeccable manners with dogs and people.  Kilt snarks at strange dogs and resource guards, so she is not whom I want Champ to mimic.  There were a few other dogs on the beach playing.  Champ stayed right with me off leash.

Champ loves that tennis ball
Champ would much rather have a tennis ball than food. 

Run boys RUN!
Champ gets lucky and is running as fast as he can from Jet who is on his heels.

Oh shit!  Oh dear!
This wave caught Champ by surprise.  I can guarantee you he didn't caught by any other waves.  Hahahaha

Champ, pretty proud that his feet are wet.

Jet coming 12 yrs.  Champ 4 mos.
Hey, boys...you have some WIDE front ends!

Come play with me Jet!
Champ is teasing Jet with the frisbee. Jet is thinking about digging in the sand.

Time out
The boys lie quietly while I have my favorite Dungeness crab salad outside on the patio.

Hey, Where's my lunch?
Yep, Champ fits in at the Anaya household, no doubt.

The boys taking a break
After lunch I took the boys over to the park like area at the harbor and put them through their paces.  I couldn't compare Champ with Jet if my life depended on it.  Jet has uncanny focus and ESP.  He tells me what he would like to perform, especially if there are people watching.  Most dogs you have to ask them to do something.  Not with Jet.  Some people stopped to watch. Jet backed up some 50 feet on his own and held out one paw.  This told me he wanted to do his slow motion walk like Skidboot.  He is in his element performing.  Not to say, that the "Mr. Sally Field's" ears didn't perform for others.  He did.  He can now weave between my legs and he practiced his backing skills with Jet.  He is learning to roll over.   Jet can't stand it.  By the time Champ finally rolls over, Jet has rolled over 10 times. :0)

It is important when you live as isolated as we do to haul the pup around to as many places as you possibly can before the hot weather sets in.  I think I've met the "benchmark" of 100 places in 100 days or dang near close to it.


Doree said...

Fabulous job socializing Champ. Love to see a video of Jett "performing".

PS I think Champ's ears are cute. ;-)). He makes me laugh.

Karen said...

Another fun day with your dogs, thanks for taking me along again:)