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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kilt's Kids

Since Kilt's kids, Yoko and Champ, had to stay home while I was at Deer Creek trialing, I took them on a hike today.  I drove to the Post Office in Lake Hughes so they could STAMP my entry with today's date for the Dunnigan trial.  They say they go by postmark, but I'm not so sure after not getting in at Zamora.  This time I want to make sure they can SEE the postmark. :0)

Kilt's kids

Maybe I should get a boat and swim the dogs through the summer.  Really, I'm thinking about it.  I can't hike due to the rattlers, but the girls all love to swim.

I decided to stop by Lake Elizabeth. I wondered if there was a trail clear around the lake. The lake is only a few minutes from us. Lots of people fish there, so I don't hike or swim the dogs there much, because I'm afraid they might get a hook in their paw. But, today I had Yo and Champ on leash and felt like doing a hike. We ended up hiking at least 4 miles or so. It was such a beautiful day.

Lake Elizabeth is LA County's largest natural lake.  The lake has a rich historical past.  The lake was once known as Laguna de Diablo (the Lake of the Devil)  There are many stories of the Devil's pet (monster) that lives in the bottom of the lake that has attacked cattle and people.  These stories go back to the 1800's.
In the 1880's Don Chico Lopez and two other men claimed to witness a monster with bat-like wings rise from the lake.  Workers reported seeing ominous shadows over the lake cast by the demon and the disappearance of livestock was recorded.  In 1886 a Don Felipe Rivera said that a 40 foot long creature with 6 legs and 2 leathery wings had eaten some of his cattle.  Basque immigrant, Miguel Leonis purchased the ranch around the lake and the story goes that after losing several of his animals, Leonis hunted the creature and attacked it.  The wounded creature apparently hid in the lake and then allegedly fled the area. 

The creature resembled a pterodactyl

I started to walk around the lake and then noticed a road going towards the hills.  Of course, I had to investigate.  I have never been on this road.  We walked several miles.

In 1780, Father Junipero Serra named lake Elizabeth La laguna de Diablo because those who lived near the lake believed it contained the Devil's pet.  In the late 1800's Tiburcio Vasquez and other banditos used the lake as a hideout for their stolen cattle and horses.  I hear there is a cave that Tiburcio used in the area.  I will see if I can find it!

It kept going and going.  I started to get an eerie feeling especially with the high rocky cliffs to my right.  I know enough to "listen" to my gut.  I didn't have a gun on me.  We turned around and headed back to the lake.  It's getting close to Cougar kitten time.

We walked by an old orchard to the right of the lake.

We got surprised by 3 mule deer in the brush :0)

We came across an old abandoned residence.  Now it was just old wood with some graffiti, but you could see the work someone had put into the place.

Cypress trees were meticulously planted, stairs and rock walls were still standing.  There was also a rock fire pit at the top of the stairs.  Very cool.

They had a beautiful view.  I always like to wonder about who might have been living here.  I wish those who knew the story would tell about it in the local paper or something.  I know it must have some interesting tale to go with it.

Champ and Yoko took a minute in the shade to rest

See the rock wall around the property.  Someone did a lot of work.

My "flower" kids

 This is a reminder that we are hiking in a rural area.  Could this be the work of the devil's pet?  Have to keep the story going :0)

Yoko takes some time out for a swim.  She has no fear. :0)

I yelled at her to get out of the reeds.  They can be pretty sharp.

Little man Champ wasn't quite ready for a swim :0)

So many beautiful things to look at.  Quail, rabbits, hawks, deer, and even the different colored reeds were interesting to look at.....I'm a sucker for nature. :0)   Honest, this lake is only 10 minutes from us and I have never hiked this far around it.  It just goes to show you that there is so much beauty right where you live.  You just need to get outside and explore. We will be back, real soon.
In fact, we came back the very next day.  To be continued!


Doree said...

Great time of year before it all turns brown& hot. Glad ur watching out for snakes. Friends went on a hike to our Table Mtn in Oroville. Known for its great wild flowers. They came across a rattle snake den with a couple of small ones slithering around. Dogs off leash but humans saw the snakes first & detoured quickly.

Do you have more info on the photo with the 5 gents & their creature?

Hope you discover more info on the homestead & the graves. Love to think about those who came before us & what their lives were like.

Shelly said...

Interesting history. I didn't know this...I liked the story. Is the B&W photo a real photo and is that supposed to be something they killed in the lake? You've got me interested, I might have to do some research =)

Karen said...

Thanks for taking us along, that was a great hike!
I can share that feeling of walking where the cliffs were, the 'gut' thing. I think with me it is because I can't see far enough ahead, would be starting to feel a bit claustrophobic, just wouldn't have enough warning if something weird was going to happen. Yep, listen to your gut, and of course your dogs.