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Saturday, March 31, 2012

TMT #11


1. If you had to give up your current dog sport (or sports) what else would you do?
Be a beach bum.  I love everything about the beach.  I like to collect shells.  I like to meditate at the beach.  I love the sunrises and sunsets. I so enjoy walking on the beach with my dogs.  I love to watch the waves and look for whales, seals, etc.  The sea is brimming with life.  It's so soothing.  I don't care if it is raining or whatever, as long as I am there, I am happy.  I am centered.

2. Ann asked (via Facebook a while back): Who would play your dog in the movie of his/her life?
Xena  Meryl Streep  (Classy, loving, and talented)
Jet  Dalai lama  (all knowing)
Trouble    Bette Midler  (comedienne, opinionated, and very talented)
Kilt     Madonna  (outrageous, outgoing, vocal, independent)
Yoko   Yoko Ono  (squinty eyes, artistic, somewhat a loner)
Champ  Fonzie  (laid back, different, cool)

3. Favorite season of the year and why
Fall.  I love the fall for ending the hot weather with the promises of winter not far ahead.  The weather is usually picture perfect in the fall.  It makes me feel "alive!"

4. What has been your favorite vacation?
Jalama beach.  When we get to go to Jalama for Christmas it is the absolute BEST vacation.  Hotels, Europe, cruises, all take a backseat to camping at Jalama beach.

5. What is your dream vacation?
I'm considering my dream vacation right now.  I would like to travel around the country and visit all of my friends and family without any time constraints.  That may seem selfish, but I really like to travel by myself.  It gives me time to think. I'd blog my way around the United States. I would want to take at least 3 of my dogs with me.  I'd like to take  Jet, Yoko, and Champ.  Wayne is happy to take care of  Xena, Trouble, and Kilt.  He needs one BC at home to hike with and Kilt gets the nod.  I may be able to take in a trial or two, but it isn't necessary.  I'd like to stop at a few National Parks I haven't been to and there are lots of beaches where I'd like to camp.

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