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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wayne has my pocket camera...

I gave Wayne my camera to take some pictures of his fishing trip.  He will be gone until Monday.  Yesterday we had a good day at Task Farms.  I always enjoy visiting Terry and Colleen's ranch.  They had an AHBA trial, cattle and sheep.  I had offered to help Mike set cattle.  I have been so busy I didn't even know they were offering a sheep ranch class.  I entered Yoko.  But, I didn't think it fair because I worked the sheep pens with her setting for the arena class, so I drove back home and brought Kilt instead.

Half siblings hanging out, Champ and Yoko

Kilt has worked about 8 times in 4 months and it showed. Push, push,push and one (grip) warning trying to load the Dorset sheep.  Kilt has a bit of listening deficit even with  being worked 4-5 times a week, so I didn't really expect a whole lot from her.  She got through the ranch course, but messed up alot of the "finesse" obstacles where if you moved 2 steps the wrong way, you blew your chance.  She moved about 5 steps the wrong way.  LOL  Plus, she is so pressure sensitive. She always knows what we will be doing next and anticipates which moves she should make.  In other words, she is an independent dog and not much of a team player in trials for me.  I have always known Kilt needs a better handler than I will ever be.  It's okay, I trial her here and there and do so much enjoy her.  If I could have a pup with Jet's willingness to please and Kilt's grit, I'd be in business!
Little man Tate (Champ) came to the trial to socialize.  He enjoyed all of the other dogs and the people.  I put him in a sheepless pen several pens down from the sheep and across from the cattle while setting the classes.  He was as good as gold.  He had a little shade cloth over the pen and was busy watching and wondering what was going on.  He showed no interest or fear with the cattle.  He really enjoyed walking on a longe line by the sheep pens.  A few of the Dorsets would drop their heads and challenge him as he was passing by.  He would stop and stare, tail down, serious as all get out, and then go on his merry way.
When the judge was out in the arena giving a handlers meeting, I took Champ in to put some hay to set the sheep on.  he was loose with his longe line.  He ran to the handlers in the middle of the arena.  I gave him a recall whistle and he turned on a dime, hightailing back to me.  Good pup Champ. 

That doesn't mean he has a reliable recall.  Certainly, not at home.  He will be wearing that longe line for a LONG time.  Wayne says I expect too much of him at 14 weeks.  Maybe so.  He has some BIG paws to fill, if he is Jet's replacement.


Karen said...

Don't get too hooked on Champ being Jet's replacement. He'll be a Champ of his own kind:)Sounds like he's doing wonderfully well so far.

gvmama said...

I know you are right Karen and I know there will never be another Jet. It's just so hard not to compare, but I'll do my best to repect his individuality.