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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random thoughts continue...

I just found out that it wouldn't have mattered if I had sent my entry to Zamora by Express mail.  I was told they drew envelopes out of a box.  I usually don't have that bad of luck.  Funny, no "big" names were on the waiting list. :0)  I drew up LAST in the run order for pro-novice, too.  I wonder what my horoscope said that day.  Hahaha  It's okay.  Even though it's the greatest field EVER (velvety green mountains) I'll live.  I scratched and hope my luck is better next year.  Driving 12 hours round trip for one pro-novice run with Yoko is too pricey with gas and a hotel.  Bummer that I made hotel reservations some 5 months ago awaiting this fantastic trial.  Oh well.  I can cancel those, too. C'est la vie.

My husband wants to work until he is 65 yrs. old.  That is another 10 years since I am almost 8 yrs. older than he is.  Some friends at the hospital have asked me when I am going to retire?  Hmmmm. One said she had a friend who just died at 62 yrs. of age.  Then she asked me how old I was.  I replied, "62."  She said, "See!."  Yikes....I thought about that all day while I was working.

I think about that (croaking before I am 70) every 6 mos. that  I go to have a sigmoidoscopy done to see if the anal cancer has come back.  I have been in remission for just over 3 years.  They say if I can get past the 5 year marker, I'll stand a chance of not having it reoccur.  Reoccurrence would be a death sentence.  Me and Farrah Fawcette.  Coincidental as I was going through chemo and radiation, Farrah was dying of the same cancer.  I could do without those coincidences.

Though, I am REALLY thinking about buying a cargo van.  I'd like to put a bed in it and dog crates under the bed.  I'd like to hit the road with my Border Collies.  I have always been a bit of a "wanderlust."  In fact, it was a toss up which would I rather be, a nurse or a trucker.  No kidding.  That was a big decision for me.
I have been a nurse now for over almost 30 years.  I have traveled all over the United States by myself in my off time and love it.  My friends ask me if I am scared to travel alone.  The answer is, "No."

Back to the cargo van.  When my father's house in Florida sells, I should get a little money from the sale.  I will have enough to buy a van and set it up as I would like it to be.  SIMPLE.  I like simple.  I don't need to pull a trailer.  I don't need an RV.  I don't want a microwave. KISS  Keep it simple stupid.

I have been discussing this a little at a time with my husband, that I want to quit work and travel around the United States.  I want to go to all of the National Parks.  I want to visit with all of my friends and family.  Friends definitely outweigh how many family members are left, but still.... 

I have always wanted to hike the Pacific Crest trail.  It was a dream of mine.  I'm probably too damn arthritic at age 62, plus, I want my dogs to come along with me.  And, I'm not carrying a backpack of food and water for them.  :0) Sorry guys.  We will be much better off driving, I think.  We can do some day hikes. And, yes, I pack a gun.  And, yes, I can shoot it.

I better hurry and formulate this plan (dream)  before gas prices get closer to $10/gallon.  Just think.... all of the National Parks won't have any crowds, because who will be able to afford to travel.  Ahhh dreams.  Dream BIG, Suzanne.  DREAM BIG.


Karen said...

It's good to have dreams, and even better if you make some of them happen.
Hey, the dogs can pack their own food and water, and I can soooo imagine you as a trucker:)

Shelly said...

"Wanderlust"...you are in good company. My husband says I have gypsy blood....Life is too short to stay still for long!!

gvmama said...

Karen...I'm not sure that is a compliment...you so can imagine me as a trucker. LOL
Wanderlust...yep, I love to travel!