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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Nice Hike

We, Yoko, Champ and I, started at the PCT marker.  Suddenly a truck pulled in behind my truck.  I looked over and saw that it was Terry Kenney who owns Task farms.  He rolled down his window.  He thought I had broken down and stopped to help.  He then saw the PCT sign and knew I was going hiking.  It's good to know people are looking out after me :0)

Yoko and Champ on their way up the trail.

Yoko loves to climb high for a photo.  Champ mimicked her every move.

This is a nice photo of Green Valley.  This is where I live.

Champ with the forward tulip ears.  Please lord, let them stand up.  If I'm going to have a smooth coated dog, I want my first set of prick ears!

Grass Mountain (the very top)  Champ is too young yet to make the trek.  Maybe I will go all of the way with Kilt and Yoko later this week.  It's a good 2 hr. plus hike.

Champ having his first ever drink on the trail.

When it comes to trails in Green Valley, one could hike for days.  I love everything about G.V. except fire season.  Green Valley is a fire trap.  Scares me every summer.

Champ likes to climb hills and then slide down on his belly.  We had a Golden Retriever that used to like to do this.  Her name was Odie. :0)

Yoko, after Champ was put away in the truck.  Yo was ready for a BIG hike.

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Karen said...

Looks like the perfect place and perfect day for a hike!