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Monday, March 19, 2012

Cold and Cozy

It rained, snowed, and hailed yesterday.  When I awakened, the dusting of snow on the ground gave way to just a light dusting on our surrounding mountains.  Those clear skies gave way to some 'brisk' temperatures.
In the evening we had a roaring fire.  The dogs all took advantage of the lying around the fire place in the living room with us.  I told Wayne we have been using too much propane at night time.  It cost us almost $400 for 100 gallons of propane last time the truck came out to fill the tank.  I told Wayne we need to sleep in sweatshirts.  This morning it was 53 degrees in the house.  Hmmmm  That might be a bit too chilly, even for me. :0)

My camera was charging, but a few photo op moments arrived in the evening when the Border Collies were sleeping around the fire place on the Border Collie throw rugs.  So, I grabbed my i-phone.

Kilt curled into a little ball keeping an eye on the Border Collies and sheep above her. :0)

Border Collie puppy dreams

Out for the night. 

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Karen said...

Your weather is sounding a bit like ours, and not that weirdly warm weather that a lot of places are getting. Or is your's weirdly cold? 30% chance of snow showers predicted for here this morning, although it looks like it is going to be the best day in a long while, well if it lives up to the forecast. You can tell we've had too much rain when I start obsessing about the weather:(
Yep, that could have been Luna curled into that tight little ball (Kilt) Champ is dreaming big!