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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lazy day (kind of)...

....After I got up at 5 AM to drive into Wayne's work to drop him off, since my truck was in the shop close to Lockheed.  He needed to get his work crew on the job, so I took myself out to Denny's for breakfast.  At about 8:30 I went back to Lockheed, picked Wayne up and we went over and got my truck. 
On the way home I stopped in at Task Farms since I had Yoko and Kilt with me.  We worked on outruns with quiet lifts.  I tried to get the sheep to stick (not move) on a flake of alfalfa so Yoko would be fooled into thinking they wouldn't move on the lift for her.  I wanted her to have to push on the lift without biting. The sheep know Yoko and Yoko knows the sheep.  No brainer. The only person I fooled was myself.
All of the lambs with their mothers were free rangin' grazing all over the ranch.  Beautiful day, pretty sight.  I gave Terry a call to make sure he wanted them all out.  Before I left I let Yoko gather them and put them down at the end of one field away from the main gate.

Here is Yoko gathering mom's and lambs from every nook and cranny

Moving along a small group

Gathering stragglers

Yoko has them in a good group now

                The lambs stop to drink at the horse's water (Horse is being lazy in the sun to the right)

Moving them on by other sheep and Penny the jenny

How about that?  This lamb is just my size!

Putting them in the back pasture as we are readying to leave the ranch.

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