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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ideal Border Collie

I didn't give...Yoko enough credit.  I thought the Mom's would scare Yoko.  Actually, Yoko handled the new Mom's better than Kilt.  Kilt has presence, but she also, has "tenseness" and likes to pick a fight.  Yoko has her father's sensibility along with just enough of her mother's moxi.  She doesn't have presence or power, but I truly love this little bitch.  She was a little nippy with strangers in her first year and she has some OCD's I hate (digging and I can't keep any container of water full in her kennel.)  That was reason enough to SPAY her.
But, I do so enjoy her on the ranch and trialing her.  If she can't move her stock on the lift, she will give it her ALL to get them to my feet.  She won't turn away or ever give up.  It may not be pretty, but she will get the job done.  Yoko turned 4 yrs. old in January and still needs more confidence.  So I decided yesterday to have her work the flock with the Mom's and new lambs.  She enjoyed the task.  Just when I think I know my dogs they surprise me.  This is an ONGOING learning journey.

The one thing I did with Jet that I didn't do with my girls is give them time to tend.  I used to take Terry's flock out on the hillside and read a book with Jet taking care of the sheep.  We did lots of this.  I think it gives them time to think and become more comfortable with their sheep.

Lambs can step over Jet.  The Mom's are very comfortable with him.

The Mom's liked Yoko because she knows how to take the pressure off.  Kilt doesn't ever take the pressure off.  Kilt dares the Mom's to confront her.  That usually puts them into battle. 
My idea of the ideal Border Collie is to have presence, be able to back it up with power, AND at the same time do it in a relaxed manner.  My 3 adults fall short in at least one of those categories.

Yoko nudging one of the lambs to get a move on under a Mother's watchful eye.

Yoko grabbing a nap in the mid-day sun. 
She is still watching her sheep.  I want to do more of this with Champ.  I want him to relax around the barnyard animals.  The best way to do this is exposure in a nice, quiet environment.  Task farms is the perfect place.

Yoko doing a great job of keeping the lambs out of the wash

I don't have to say anything to her.  She does her job well.

A little stand-off....only for a moment

Yoko pretty relaxed with lambs almost stepping on her.

Love, love, love my Yoko :0)

Like my new friend?  Mr. cool, calm, and collected CHAMP  :0)

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Karen said...

Looks like Yoko is a pretty good 'tender', and Champ is getting off to a good start (love his crossed legs)!