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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get along lil lambikins

What a fun morning.  I arrived at Task Farms and noticed 3 new moms in one arena and another new mom in another arena.  I gave Terry a call on my cell phone.  When Terry arrived we needed to sort from the arena with the 3 new moms, the expectant moms and the jenny from them.  Once we had the jenny and the expectant moms separated in a side alley way, Kilt had to go to the next arena and remove all of the sheep, but the "one" new mom and lamb.  She did that and drove them to a different pasture.  From there she had to put the 3 new moms/lambs into the the other arena with the one new mom/lamb and then move all of them to the back of the acreage to the nursery area .  Easier said than done. :0)  Thankfully, Kilt loves a thinking job.  Kilt has never been a great trial dog, but I think there is none other like her for ranch work.

Kilt happy to have a working job :0)

One of those isn't a new Mom.  Kilt sorted that one out.  Mom on the far right gave her a bit of a hard time.  Kilt enjoyed the game.  Kilt loves ranch work.  I knew the Mom's would probably scare Yoko, so I didn't even think of getting her out of the truck.  This was a job for her mother.  Kilt has never lacked "presence."
You know how when your mother gave you that certain look, you took notice.  Well, sheep take notice with Kilt.  Plus, she can back up that look if need be.

Kilt put the new Moms and babes into the next arena.  She had already removed the other sheep.  There was one Mom and lamb at the end of the arena.  It would have been a battle to try to move one new Mom and her lamb, so we gathered all the new Mom's and lambs together.

Okay then....we have all 4 new Moms with their lambs.  The expectant moms and the jenny are in the alley way.  The other non-expectant sheep have been driven to a different pasture. The Mom's gave Kilt a few cheap shots in which Kilt obliged them with a few of her own in return.  She was careful to be kind to the babies.

Moving on by the next arena

Passing the new guardian pups

Get along lil lambikins.  KIlt actually looks relaxed in this photo.  That is one her biggest downfalls, tenseness.

They took a bit of an obstacle course (saw the new grass)

Almost to the nursery

Oops...we have a straggler

Terry scoops it up and checks to see if ewe or ram.
All in a morns work. :0)

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Karen said...

Good job Kilt. Those are some leggy lambs, and the sun is shining (I think I've forgotten what the sun looks like), but looking at how Terry's dressed, it must be cold.