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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CHAMPing at the bit!

The one morning I go over to Task Farms without my pocket camera.  At least I had my phone with me :0)

Champ and I were just strolling about the ranch looking at the new lambs, the chickens, ducks, and horses.  I was thinking to myself that Champ was pretty nonchalant about all of the animals.  It is nothing for him to stick his head through the fence to kiss a goat.  He thinks nothing of it.

As I was walking over to the horse corrals, I saw Joe working his Australian Cattle dog in the arena.  Before I could even think, Champ snapped his longe line right out of my hands and started balancing sheep from the outside of the arena.  I couldn't step on his line since he was moving at warp speeds.  I would have snapped his neck. He had TURNED ON. 

This is the sight that sends shivers down the herd-o-holic's spine!  No doubt he has his mother's speed....now, if he just has his father's sensibility and listening skills!  He started towards the front of the arena trying to get to the sheep's heads when I remembered that on the long side of the arena was Penny the jenny and the expectant moms.  My heart dropped to my feet as I raced after Champ.  I knew Joe couldn't hear me in the wind.  Thankfully the sheep stopped at the gate inside the arena and I was able to gather up Champ.  Phew.....All's well that ends well.  That was fun!


Karen said...

What fun to see, I'll bet you'll be Champing at the bit too:)

gvmama said...

Not till this late fall He is learning to become a good citizen first. :0)