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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday/Beach Day

I'm working on Wayne's birthday, so I thought it would be a great idea to go to Ventura beach and harbor on Sunday to celebrate his birthday a few days early this week.  Jet, Champ, and Yoko were the lucky threesome that accompanied us.

It was 68 degrees and crystal clear.  You could see all the Channel islands off shore.

This was Champ's first time at the beach.  I think he might have got his toes wet.  He watched Jet and Yoko go in the water.  He took a pass on an ocean dip this time.

He played a great game of fetch with the tennis ball.  He brings it back; most of the time :0)
Jet had fun watching him try to figure out the frisbee.

Jet is a fabulous mentor for Champ.  Jet is so laid back.  Champ is a pretty laid back pup....more of a "thinker."  I hope he stays like that.  I like it.

They didn't pay any attention to the other dogs and people.  They were having a grand time by themselves.

Champ taking a break resting on Wayne's leg.

He met lots of people!

He met a few dogs.  Some were too big, but this one was just right!

We walked all around the very crowded Sunday afternoon harbor.

He was a good sport, because we make our dogs put up with a lot :0)

Both he and Jet were happy to relax by an outside table where we had lunch at the harbor.  No one begged.  They were too tired.  Yoko took a nap in the truck.  The harbor was too crowded to try to walk 3 dogs.  We were lucky to get an outside table. :0)

After Jet's nap, he was rejuvenated and did lots of tricks for all of the people passing by.  There is a small park like area at the harbor where they used to have agility trials.  Now they have pony rides and people sit on the lawn and watch the boats go by.  The more people that laughed and clapped, the more Jet wants to perform. 
JET is a once in a lifetime dog.  CHAMP has some BIG paws to fill.


Karen said...

So I'm picturing Jet walking out with his lunch kit, putting it down near the crowd. He flips the lid open, and there are a few coins in it. Then he starts to perform, and people are tossing coins in his lunch kit. Your very own busker!
Jet takes you all out for steak dinner:)

You are doing a good job with Champ, with the exposure thing!

gvmama said...

Karen.....you made me laugh out loud. Thanks :0)

Doree said...

Ok, need a video of Jet's performing. ;-)

Great day for all. Happy b-day Wayne!