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Friday, March 9, 2012

The pack

Wayne and I get such a kick out of the "pack."  It is so interesting watching Champ figure out where he fits into the pack and how he sorts out everyone's personality.  Pups are dang smart.  Champ already knows that Jet and Xena are just big SOFTIES.  Any teeth shown or shaking of his nose is just a big BLUFF.  He is pretty perceptive about Yoko and Trouble now.  Yoko plays a bit with him, but she is a Momma's girl and if she is with me, he knows if he tries to weasel in at the same time, he will get a snap.  Trouble has bit him a handful of times.  She has the meanest bite.  Of course, the hardest bite comes from the smallest dog.  He pretends to play and flirt with her from a distance now. Smart boy.  And, then there is his mother, Kilt.  Mother extraordinaire Kilt.  She spoils her kids like none other.  She does have a breaking point, but it far surpasses any patience I'd have for my own kids!

Morning biscuit time

Yeah, it's difficult to get away WITHOUT the dogs, but I think they have added to our lives 'such JOY,'  overall, it's worth it. :0)


Beth in Middletown, Ohio said...

I just love this picture and story. Life is sure and sweet.

Karen said...

It will be interesting to see if the pack dynamics change as Champ gets older.