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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trip and Champ's big adventure

I have heard the saying to get a well socialized pup you have to take them to 100 different places in 100 days.  I think we are well on our way. :)

This morning Melodie who owns Trip, Champ's litter brother, and I went to Petco for a CERF clinic.  Both pups got to meet and see lots of new things.  Plus, they got drops in their eyes and had to go into a scary room while the doctor turned out the lights and examined their eyes.  Both passed with flying colors.

Mel holding the pups outside of Petco

With our Petco adventure out of the way, we drove on over to Task Farms for the afternoon. Molly, the guardian dog, hadn't been introduced to Champ yet.

Whoa there...
Champ appears a bit unsure as he strains on his longe line.  I gave them both a cookie and all was well.  Mollie has to check everyone's credentials.

Joe Williams said, "Never let a puppy lick you in the face."  Hahaha.  Who is he kidding!

Lucky there is a fence there as Penny the Jenny puts her ears back and trots at the pups.
The pups are like YIKES, we are outta here!

Champ relaxes on a bale of hay

On to more interesting things
Someone is having a lesson on sheep in the smaller arena.  The pups are taking notice.
The tall puppy is Trip (tri-pod).  He is so handsome.  I can't wait till he is of age to work sheep.  He already has a big, slinky, stink-eye walk and was interested in sheep at 5 weeks of age!

I already know that this is a goat,  G-O-A-T

Mel is working Ty while the others are watching.  I'm a firm believer that pups need to "tie out" at a young age.  It makes them better citizens as adults.  They learn to tie "quietly," and await their turn.  Even if at this age it means only going for a walk-a-bout.

Champ likes being a "ranch" puppy.

The new banner for our club was put up while we were there.  We have over 55 members now.  It's a great club.  That's Champ, me, Terry, Joyce, Joe, and Melodie.  I think Jet forgot his reading glasses as he tries to read the smaller print  :0)

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Karen said...

See Champ, I warned you about those donkeys!