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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good to be home

Look at the 3 week old monster kids (speckled with oatmeal gruel)

The pups are so big now, Kilt has to lift front and back legs to accommodate them at the milk bar.
Jet's pups were ladies and gents;  Buzz's pups are little heathens!

Kudos to my husband, Wayne.  It hasn't been easy with me in Florida.  He started back to work and would have to leave work at lunch time to come home and feed Kilt and the puppies.  He still gets up in the middle of the night to feed Kilt and make the 4:30 AM gruel for the puppies.  He told  me he has them on a schedule.  He has a bit more OCD than I have.  LOL  But, God Bless him.  He is doing a wonderful job.

They are tearing up the place.  Pictured is their biscuit tunnel :0)
They were already climbing out of the whelping box at 2 weeks.  Now as soon as they hear us or smell Mom they go nuts.  I will introduce them to the great outdoors today.

I think we are about done with our social time on our bed.  The pups are way too fast now.  They want to get out and explore.  Are we going to keep one?  I still don't know.  Wayne and I are both in love with the same pup.  Wayne calls him "Rum-Rum, Dum-Dum."  He is an over achiever already offering his paw to shake.  Geez...I'm trying hard not to take one.  They all have lovely homes.

The "pigs"

Sheep down.  The gals who want girls better be prepared.
These are TOUGH girls.

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Karen said...

Glad you made it safely home, and the puppies were there to cheer you up when you arrived:)
Look forward to lots of pictures and updates. Looks like it's a good thing poor Kilt didn't have more than five!