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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Chapter

I woke up early to catch the sunrise over Captain's Cove. I didn't walk out to the end of the bulkhead where there is a stool to sit and fish. For some reason it seemed like it should be left empty. All of the surrealness of the last few days appeared to me as serene now. Big Blue was bobbin' in the shallows. A mother fox and her kits earlier were playing under the house. Ozzy AKA butterfingers, the clumsy Osprey was just starting to fish for breakfast. All was as it should be. Pop is where he should be....with my mother.
I think the biggest accomplishment in my life thus far was the birth of my son and that I was blessed to be holding the hands of my mother and father as they passed.
My brother, Jim and I drove over to All Saints Cemetary. I said a few words to Grandma and Grandpa who are buried there and then paid my respects to Mom and Dad. Even though Dad hasn't arrived, I'm sure he was there in spirit. There will be no service. There will be a small funeral when they place his urn beside Mom's.
Jim and I went down to the Beach House Restaurant on the water for a Bloody Mary. A man at the bar said, "You two are the best looking couple I've seen all day. I'm assuming you are a couple?" We let him know we were brother and sister. He laughed while saying that's why we looked so much alike. :0) From there we took a drive around the Jensen Beach causeway and fondly remembered all of the places we have grown to love.
One last trip to the house and now I'm at the Palm Beach airport, California bound. I look forward to seeing Wayne and the pups. I'm sure I will have more posts in the near future to help me reflect.
For now, I am moving on to the next chapter in my life....as it should be.


Doree said...

Love this photo! Where did your Dad live in FL? Must feel good to be home with Wayne & keeping busy with the pups. How's your brother & SIL? Will take awhile to adjust to not being daily caregivers. I know it must still feel very surreal. Thinking of you. Doree

gvmama said...

Thanks Doree.....Stuart, FL. I took this picture from Pop's backyard overlooking the Indian River. My brother and I like to fish on the end of the bulkhead there.
My S-I-L is a saint....I'm sure it will be difficult for her. Both my brother and S-I-L said they would give up another 3 yrs. of their lives just to have Pop back with them again.