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Friday, January 13, 2012

First day outside

Everybody OUT!  Trouble is finally one step closer to playing with the hellions.  They were happy to get out of our bedroom.  New places to explore.  Kilt was a wee bit protective, but she will get over that.  Pretty soon she will be glad for the babysitters.

I decided to sit down inside their kennel in the cedar shavings.
Whoa.....they came at a full run.

This little girl (Tuffie) is hard for me to get a picture of...she is always on the go.  Here she is with her "oatmeal" face.
I'm guessing rough coat, prick ears.

Rumble and Diamond boy. Rumble was the first one to crawl up me as soon as I sat down.  I think he was the most worried about his new environment.

First outside picnic!

Awwwww...cuteness award.  Asleep (almost) in my lap.

Do I know who has a rough coat versus a smooth coat?  Nope. Tri-pod, the biggest male, has the longest ears.  Diamond boy, has a bit shorter tail than the others.  Diamond boy and mini-me have the most beautiful heads.  Rumble has brindle-like coloring on his back legs.  Tuffie is the most independent.  Of course, this may all change next week. All are about 4 lbs. and a couple of the males are 4 lbs. plus. I'm thinking maybe....a big maybe here....that the girls are the rough coats.   Still too soon to know :0)

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