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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The difficult part is not really raising the puppies, but deciding where each pup should go.  That's why I don't like to breed.  There are tons of pups and older dogs out there that need to be rescued.  I really think two litters is enough for me!   Can you tell that I was a "population zero" girl from the 60's and 70's?  I have one son.  Period.  Even though it was my dream to have 6 sons. I have always been worried about future generations and the exploding people population.  I'm also, worried about the over populated dog industry.  Silly, maybe, but it's just me.

I try very hard to match the right pup with the right person.   Obviously, I can't do it by working ability. They are too young for anyone to know. We will all have to rely on the parent's genetics.  But, I do try to match puppy personality and overall eye appealing.  What do I mean by that?  Well, the big tri boy (Tri-pod) is very confident and stands up for himself.  I put him with my girlfriend who has a "pushy' German Shepherd bitch.  The pup that stole my heart (Rumble) I am placing with a 'world team member' agility gal.  He is biddable, handsome, and outgoing.  I expect to see him in the limelight with lots of photos taken.   The 3rd male, the short, stubby, slinky, only pup not a raven black in color, smooth coated male with the shorter tail than the rest, I am holding onto for myself.  Why did I choose him?  Not for looks.  haha  Because, Wayne and I just have a "feeling."   I'm only interested in stock dog work.  I'm hoping this is Suzy's Hap reincarnated (Buzz's sire).  He's a bit quiet now, but that will change with age.

Walk-Up Champ
You can see why he was originally named Diamond boy.  The diamond on the top of his head is now fading.
But, he still reminds me of a little boxer (fighter), hence, the name, Champ.

The girls are as different as night and day.  The boys are fairly similar in personalities.   The Mini-me girl is similar to Kilt.  She is very independent and of slight build like her mother.  I am placing her with a Veterinarian back east who has always loved Kilt and wants a very fast, outgoing bitch.  She will be doing agility and some stock work.  Her name will be Fly.

The other female has a rough coat, beautiful build, but a bit of a different personality.  She can be outgoing, but is slightly tentative to new situations.  She may need more socialization than her sister.  She will be local with a stock dog person.  It will be nice to be able to watch her grow up.

So you see, folks...it's not an easy task...breeding.  I love them all and it's pretty much a "crap shoot" as to how they will turn out as adults.  A lot depends on how they are handled as they are growing up.  And, of course, genetics plays a big role, too. That's why I try to expose them to as many new situations, sights, and sounds as I can while they are here with me.  It's a full time job!


Karen said...

I am sure that is a really hard job, but I'm happy that we get to see lots of one pup growing up:)
And I'm with you on the people and dog overpopulation bit.

Doree said...

Sounds like they're all going to great homes & you'll get to watch them grow. So much better than an ad in the paper/on-line & hoping for the best, but that's not your style.

Looking forward to Champ's Chapters. He has great teachers, both human & canine. Heck, with 5 dogs already, what's one more! ;-)

Shelly said...

I have been following your puppy saga =), and I have wanted to tell you to keep a pup...it may be your last chance at a pup from a dog that you love so much. I say this because I missed that chance and I still regret it. But it wasn't my place to give advice so I didn't say anything. Sooo, I am happy to hear you are keeping a pup!! Congratulations! And I agree with the human / dog over-population, but I think that caring, ethical breeders such as yourself are needed to keep the lines going.

gvmama said...

Awww Shelly...thank-you for the kind words. The pup will keep me young or kill me!