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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AVSC Play day

A blustery (you can see by the chairs turned over) cold (low 40's), rainy off and on day for the Antelope Valley Stockdog Play Day.  That's Bryan White and Scoop awaiting their turn at the time and fault trial.
Terry's trailer on the left and my trailer on the right.  Wayne brought the trailer over the night before so I could get a night's rest away from the pups.  I slept through 60 mph gusts just like a baby.  I must have slept 9 hours with Jet and Yoko keeping me company.

0830  Melodie and I sharing some coffee in the trailer where it is warm.

See everyone out there in the rain?
We welcomed everyone into the trailer to warm up.  I laid tarps over the carpet.  There were 3 arenas and a field with stock to work, so all braved the elements to get in some stockwork.

Wayne and Jet being good sports for entering the time and fault trial.  8 obstacles.  Time limit of 7 min.  You had to attempt all 8 obstacles to qualify.  You couldn't do any back to back obstacles.  But, you could do as many as you could do in the 7 minutes allowed. Wow....Jet was on fire.  He had to be because Wayne gave him so many strings of  wrong commands I could hardly watch.  LOL  Jet tried to obey everything he said.  Jet is worth his weight in gold.  I'm not sure what Wayne is worth his weight in.....

Scoop taking the sheep through the Z chute.  Besides a Z chute, there was a hold pen, an open L chute, a maltese cross, Y chute, a stock trailer to load and unload, crossdrive panels and a set of 4 weave poles.

Sally and Ms. Babe doing a damn nice job loading sheep in the stock trailer.

Stacie and Molly....next up.

Chili time.  Everyone came in for a hot bowl of chili and then we rotated them outside so the new group could have chili and get warm. Glad we brought the trailer!  It was lots of fun.

Melodie's Ty working goats.

Beth and Hula making the maltese cross look easy

Wayne and the guys shooting the shit (what's new)
Look!  Finally, blue skies in the late afternoon.

Adding fuel to the burn barrel.....Brrrrrr, but we all had lots of FUN!

Mike Burks designed the time and fault trial which proved to be challenging and fun.  Kyle Trumbal won the cash prize.  Yoko and I entered.  Yoko took a wrong flank at the open L that cost us and she had a stupid group of sheep with a high headed white one that was ready to lamb.  She wasn't happy about loading in the stock trailer.  Yoko got to rock and roll and "heel" them in.  That was a ton of fun for her and for me.


Karen said...

What a fun day!
I dunno, I'm pretty sure Wayne is worth his weight in.... if not gold, how about chocolate:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photos! Good job!
It's as if we are in the trailer with you, having chili and getting warm. Thank you!