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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trouble and the kids

Trouble liking Rumble paying attention to her

The heathens are warm in their dogloo.  They have two snuggle safe heat discs in their blankie making it super toasty all day plus a furniture pad over the top of dogloo to keep any cold breeze out.  They drag their toys in there to play with....

I open the kennel gate having them eat outside of the kennel so they don't get cedar shavings in their dinner.  They are eating Solid Gold puppy chow now mixed with a little goat yogurt, goat milk and a bit of hamburger.  They don't leave anything.

Trouble being mobbed by the pups.  They like her and her new winter coat.

Giddy up Troubie.  Trouble is NOT amused.

Okay gang, let's remember who the adult is here.

I love you Trouble.  "Thank-you, but.......

"As soon as you guys are 6 weeks of age, I'm gonna kick your asses!"


Doree said...

Gotta ask.....are you getting anything done besides taking all these great photos & videos? So cute! We're so appreciative. We get to enjoy without all the work!

gvmama said...

Surely, you jest. Working every Sat/Sun and every other Fri. that Wayne is off. Wayne has the weekend duty. It's a full time job. I always have a small digital camera in my back pocket.
:0) Now we are having individual snuggle time watching TV at night on the couch.

Karen said...

I'll bet you're not getting much else done when you are home though:)
Well, speaking for myself, I know I wouldn't be.
Love watching them grow up!

gvmama said...

Thank goodness they are all going to wonderful homes. I could have sold another 5 pups just like them, but I am so thankful she only had five! They are BUSY now and how!!!!!