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Monday, January 30, 2012

Clicking the pups

I see I am blogless for tomorrow.  LOL  
So, maybe while I have a few sips of wine after doing back to back 12's in DOU and ICU, I'll tell you what we have been doing with the pups.

Click/treat  Click/treat  Click/treat   Yep, that's what we have been doing.  We are creating food driven maniacs.   We basically started with just a click followed by a treat.  They never flinched at the click. Funny thing, for the first few 3-4 days in their 5th week, they couldn't find the food you were holding in your fingers.  They were like baby birds holding their mouths open waiting for the mama bird to put the food in!
Tomorrow (Monday) they will be 6 weeks of age.  They are catching on now.  They are frantically looking for the treat.  Of course, we only use the best of treats....chicken!  We call them and as soon as they turn towards the voice calling them, they are clicked and treated.  They are good for only a few minutes.

I really missed them this weekend, but visited them individually when I arrived home from work after 8 pm.
I can't wait to play with them tomorrow.  While I was at work today, Melodie and John Sudick came over and played with them.  Mel and Wayne did some clicker recalls with them.

Plus, the other day, Wayne took the pups in their first crate ride in his truck.  He had to go to Lockheed to work for 4 hours while I was working at the hospital. He was worried he wouldn't be able to feed them lunch on time.  So, he took all their lunch fixings and ALL 5 pups to work with him.  He fed them in his truck at work.  Nobody got car sick, but I heard that Champ was a little bit foamy at the mouth. :0)  Okay, first truck ride out of the way.

Tomorrow, I will put a tunnel out in the back yard for them and find them some fun stuff for them to check out.  They are getting very curious.  It's just difficult at times to get the other FIVE adults away and out of the action.  Everyone wants to be in the spotlight.  At night when we are clicking and treating in the house, the other adults are quarantined to the kitchen.  Since all of them wanted to visit with Mel and John, they eventually all had to put in one of the kennels.  It's too much of a madhouse with 5 adults and 5 pups all running around together!

If I don't answer the phone, just leave a message.  I'm outside playing with the puppies!

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Karen said...

Puppies....little sponges waiting to soak up all those new experiences.
Playing with puppies, the new message on your answering machine:)