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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Six weeks old today

The temp was in the 30's when I took this video yesterday morning.  Actually, they had been already playing a good 40 min. before I took this video. All of the pups are getting much braver about heading out on their own across the yard. 

TWO dogs to a crate COLD this morning!
We keep our house cold in the winter.  58 degrees inside this morning at 9 am. Trouble says, "I'm keeping my coat on and sleeping with old Xena for warmth."  Can't say I blame her!

Smarty pants Trouble
When the sun came up, Trouble went into the kitchen and took a chair pad off the chair and placed it in the sun where she then placed herself to catch the morning rays.  I LOVE my JRT.

Yoko's nose was out of joint this morning, so you will not see her in this movie.  I'm not sure what her problem was, but I think it starts with the letter "J" for JEALOUS!  I will spend some private special time with her today.

Jealous Yoko

Old Xena is getting a real kick out of the pups now.  At first, I'm not sure she could make out what they were when they went outside to stay.  I know she can smell them, but her eyesight is failing now.  They are used to her giving a big play WOOF now.  It still startles a few of them. :0)  Xena is the closest thing to a 'gentle giant' that there ever could be.  When she leaves our pack, it will be the saddest day.

Xena asking Rumble to play

Naughty Champ thinking about grabbing Xena's tail

Trouble is still loving every minute with them.  The pups are almost as big as she, but she is still doing run downs and enticing them to play with her.  She lets them crawl all over her.  The puppies love to "feel" the texture of her many coats.  She occasionally bowls a few over in the dirt as she teases them, but they are rebounding pretty well to her antics.

Trouble doesn't mind the pups jumping on her.  It's a free massage.
The pups like the feel of her coat.

Jet wrinkles his nose in a warning to the pups and on occasion gives them a bit of an "air snap," just to let them know that he is the elder.  Jet is the most amazing dog I'm sure I will ever own.  He is fabulous with everybody, everything....always has been.

Nose wrinkle - warning

Jet gently takes the pup's whole head in his mouth

Kilt is still keeping fit doing her extended dressage trot for hours around the yard.  Her daughter, Fly, continues to trot with her "On the Fly."  No doubt, she is going to have her mother's athleticism.  She has a bit of her mother's independence, also.  I'm anxious to see how she will turn out as an adult.

Fly being playful

Trouble trying to get Fly to chase her

Tuffy, who has been tentative to new situations from the get-go, is warming up.  She is venturing out and playing with all of the big dogs now.  She has soft side and a tough side to her.  I have been giving her a bit of "extra" time enticing her to be more playful.  She took to the clicker amazingly well.

Tuffy and Trouble exchange a few secrets.

The tri colored boys are the monster kids.  Both are extremely biddable.  Tri-pod who was quite pushy at 4-5 weeks, has developed a soft side to him that I really like now.  They are tough on each other, but all respect their elders and will avert their eyes when given a warning.  I like to see that.

Tri-pod (still nameless)  Come on Mel.  He needs a name!

Tuffie playing ball with her sister, Fly

I can call all of the pups with a clicker and "puppy, puppy, puppy" to their night time kennel with a HUGE reward......MAMA Kilt.   Kilt is still nursing them for a few minutes now and then.

Kilt with her tail up standing on her tip-toes gritting her teeth.

Champ still remains the quiet male, but he has a sense of humor about him.  He is testing the waters.  He is a funny bunny and I haven't a clue as to what I have chosen to remain with me.  Won't it be fun to see how he turns out?

Champ, ready for some playtime


Karen said...

My sympathies are with Kilt:(
Kind of nice that you have a great built in varied dog experience for the pups. Big, little, grumpy, old, young....:)
Jake does the mouth around the muzzle thing to Luna if she's getting a bit out of line.

Beth in Middletown, Ohio said...

Suzane, these pictures and stories are the best! Makes my day, makes me smile for I have just recently lost my beloved BC.
Those children are precious! I love reading about them, you do a wonderful job with pictures, editing, captions are perfect also!
What are we gonna look at when their gone?! I know you have plenty of black and white to always amuse us reader's and I want to say thank you for sharing them with me.
You, Wayne, Kilt, Yoko, Jet, Xena, Trouble and of course the new Champ please keep up the good work.

gvmama said...

Beth...thank-you so much. I'm so glad you get a few smiles from my ramblings. Don't worry...when the pups leave, there is always something new going on!

gvmama said...

@ Karen.....my sympathies are with Kilt, too. Her nipples are covered with scabs from their TEETH. She is just about done with them. But, they still like to nurse in the AM and just before going to bed at night.