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Sunday, January 29, 2012

AHBA Ranch Trial

1st place, Jet 96 1/2     2nd place, Yoko 94
(both pictured looking for more sheep)

I got up early and did all of my chores including cleaning the sheep barn, cleaning the dog yard, feeding the pups, playing with the pups, put everyone where they needed to be and called to Jet and Yoko to get in the truck.  Kilt was really miffed, but she still needs to stay with her pups.

And, with Kilt not in the competition it gave Jet and Yoko a chance to come out on top :0)  Thankfully, it was a local ranch trial, so I knew I would be home by early afternoon for the pup's second feeding.  This was the best ranch trial yet.  It had 13 elements to the course and we were up against some fine competition.

I figured old Jet should come and redeem himself for Wayne's showing of him in the time and fault trial a week ago at the club's play day.  Redeem himself, he did.  He was right on.  Finesse and as smooth as silk.  There is nothing like running an old dog with that much experience.  I loved it when a sheep challenged him on the course and then again at the stock trailer.  He loaded them in with patience and just the right amount of pressure.  When he jumped in the stock trailer to bring them out he nailed the black faced sheep that had been challenging him right on the nose.  And, he did it when the judge couldn't see it.  The rest of the course, his sheep worked for him as easy as taking candy from a baby.  That's wisdom.

Yoko did a pretty nice job, too.  I told her my objective for her was slow and steady and no gripping.  We almost accomplished my wishes.  When she brought them out of the take pen she got a "What are you thinking" from me when she did a fly by.  Everything was smooth until the stock trailer where one of the freckled faced ewes ready to lamb stood her off only for a second or two.  But, it was enough to make Yoko mad.  When she jumped into the stock trailer to take them out, she gripped that ewe outside of the trailer right where the judge COULD see her.  LOL  She got another "What are you doing?" from me.  Then the rest of her course was as smooth as silk.  Funny, how the dogs know who they need to put in line to make the rest of their work easier for them.

It was a nice break for me and my dogs.  Next time, Kilt will be able to come along.  She actually looks like she may have gained a pound.  Two weeks ago, I could count her every rib.  And, she has been eating three very healthy meals a day.  But, she is in good condition, because Kilt is never still.  When she is outside, she is doing a steady trot around the yard.  She is not a bitch to lie around and rest.  She has unbelievable stamina.  That is just one of the qualities I love about her.  I missed not trialing her, but she would tell you, and me, too....she probably would have beat both Jet and Yoko!  But, don't tell them that. :0)

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Karen said...

A great day, congrats to Jet and Yoko, and you of course, on your placings. If Kilt had been there maybe you would have been one, two and three:)