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Saturday, January 28, 2012

TV time

All of the pups have been coming in at night for a little one on one TV time with us.  They are now getting their last feeding at 9-10 pm and sleep through the night in their dogloo outside.  I get up at 6-7 AM to feed them breakfast.  They get 2 more meals during the day.  Kilt is still nursing them about 3-4 times a day (for short intervals) because they are so rough.  Kilt is a five star mom.

Viv titled this "A lick and a promise" 
How sweet.
Kilt loving her daughter (Dorothy's Tuffie)
Note to Dorothy Tierney-Dunlap who will be the new owner of Tuffie.  This pup is a tugging fool.  Of course, when she tugs she GROWLS the whole time.  I think you better call her Tuff!

Melodie's boy (Tri-pod) enjoys a new toy
Melodie Sudick....you best put on your running shoes.  This pup weighs in at 8 lbs. at 5 1/2 weeks.  He is a tugging maniac and he is the FIRST to be totally fascinated with the sheep!

Wayne and Champ hugging
Thank-you Wayne for not fussing about having six dogs.  I know you love that little snuggler.
What's another dog when you have five.  Though, I do promise to spay Kilt in another 3-4 months. :0)
Our last babies and our last baby.  Promise.

Dr. Pam's Fly watching American Idol
Pam Mueller DVM you will have your hands full with Kilt's Mini-me.  This little gal is on the go and has no fear.  If I were to pick any one of the pups to fly across country, I know "Fly" will do just fine.  She is going to be an EAST coast girl!  She will have SPEED...but will you be able to keep up with her?

Laura's Rumble, the big tail wagger of the group.
Dear Laura Jones, I hope you will love Rumble as much as I do.  He has a recall clear across the yard at 5 weeks.  He has FOCUS, looking directly into your eyes.  He is going to keep you busy.  There is "special" written all over this big boy. 

I told you.  I'm going to need an anti-depressant when I let these pups go to their new homes.  I get teary eyed even thinking about it.  I have had so much fun with all of them.  They have been such easy keepers.


Doree said...

We're all going to be sorry to see them leave. Hopefully the new owners will let you know how they're all doing & you can pass the news on. Are you ready for some lambs now? Just asking...... ;-)

Karen said...

I've gotta think that by keeping one of them, it won't be quite AS BAD letting the other four go to their great new homes:) It's going to be fun watching Champ grow up!

gvmama said...

hahahaa Doree....that's why I didn't breed my ewes this year!