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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Smarty paws.....Kilt

My husband said, "Was that really a necessity?"  "Well, nooooo, but, the dogs will have fun with it."
Wayne says, "Good God, it's morning."  I say, "Good Morning God!"   hahahahaha

A Lucky Yuppy Puppy Treat Dispenser

Yep, that's the name of the toy I bought for the dogs.  It is a cold, windy day today and we are doing housework, bills, and stuff we have to do, so I broke out the dogs new treat dispenser.  Yoko was the closest to figuring it out.  Trouble did a lot of yapping and clawing.  Xena said, "Just me toss a treat for looking at it."  Jet became quite frustrated and started singing and dancing around it.  Kilt came in like she was the SALESDOG for Yuppy Puppy.  It only took her a few seconds to get it. 

Below is Kilt's first introduction to the new treat dispenser.  Easy Breezy when you are a hungry pregnant mama.  


Karen said...

Yay Kilt! It would be Luna who would figure it out here first.
Kilt is looking a bit chubbier. Things are going to get exciting in a couple of weeks:)

GraceRivac said...

He's so cute! I thought I will be seeing mens kilts, http://www.kiltrentalusa.com over here. But I enjoyed this one!