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Friday, December 9, 2011

Tell me Thursday on Friday

Yea....TMT is back!

1. What are your plans for the holiday season?
I am working at the hospital on Dec. 24th and 25th  &  Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st.  We have no family close by, the kids are grown, so I like to think of every day on the mountain where we live as a Holiday.  I really ENJOY working at the hospital on the holidays.  If I can make someone's holiday a little brighter....that is 'gift' enough for me.

2. Do you decorate? If so, what have you done so far?
Not a whole heck of a lot thus far.  Really, we look like Christmas year round in our living room. We  stripe the front porch poles and put up a string of lights each year. We have a year round bear tree. Sometimes I hang a few ornaments on him.

I didn't even notice Jet was in this photo :0)

Excuse the unfinished fireplace

The dog porch

3. a. Favorite recent dog photo?

All 5 of our dogs on Thanksgiving Day at the Kern river

b. Photo that shows your mood today (or one word)?

4. There's been a discussion on the BC Boards about "don't train for the novice classes... just train for open and the rest will fall into place." What are your thoughts on this?
Isn't that what everyone does who would like to trial in USBCHA?
Unless you don't want to go any further than novice :0)

5. What are your top five cannot-do-without-them dog items?
HOLY ROLLER (for Kilt)
Winter wear for our JRT, Trouble
Basket ball (for yard play)
Emergency dog box for traveling

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Laura Carson said...

HAH! That tree is awesome. :) I have an emergency dog box too (it's a fishing tackle box) with stuff like betadine and whatnot. Very useful!