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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The long and winding road

About 10 yrs. ago part of our canyon road to get to our house started to erode in many places due to the river bed that fills up with plentiful rains.   They eventually closed 3 miles of the canyon road.  

The new road is that semi curved line mid way in this photo.  Building a brand new part of the canyon was more cost effective than trying to repair the old canyon road over and over again each year with the rains.

Wayne and I were looking for a 2 mile hike on a level surface.  We had not walked up the old road since it was closed off to traffic.  Now people use it for a myriad of things, biking, hiking, graffiti, swimming, and so forth.  This picture is of the "Bee Hives." an interesting rock formation in the canyon.

This old dead Oak would make a great Halloween tree.  I'd love to hang scary ghosts, etc. on it.  But, sadly, no one would see it.

This is "Indian George."  That is what we call this rock formation.  Looks like the silhouette of George Washington to us one side and of an Indian on the other..  We have on several occasions hiked to the top and spread a blanket looking out over the Angeles forest.  Quite a magnificent view.

Wayne wanted to walk all the way to the narrow bridge we use to travel.  Many an accident happened on the winding road by this bridge.  This is just where it would to begin to snow on the way to our house.  The road was pretty treacherous in several places.  A couple of times I had to ask the collies to "follow."  I didn't want them plummeting 30 feet off the road's edge into the river bed.

All 3 collies were happy to find a swimming hole.  Jet did a little wading.

I asked Kilt not to go in due to her pregnancy and that the water was just above freezing.  Here is Kilt with a big log in her mouth swimming.  She got in trouble by me and had to sit on the side lines after that dip.

Some of the prettier graffiti on the bridge.  It always amazes me that no matter where you walk, there are always interesting things to see if you look closely enough.

Yoko (the Beave) having a fine time in the swimming hole.

Under the bridge there was an array of swallow nests.

I enjoyed the rock formations with water cascading over them.

"Look Mom!  Too bad you have to sit this one out."

There was even a little cascading water fall that Yoko found intriguing.

The long and winding road back to the truck. :0)


Karen said...

A lovely walk, and MUCH less eventful than your one two weeks ago:)

gvmama said...

Isn't that the truth!