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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One week old pups

I really have to study the pups to know who is who in the zoo!

Wayne has been a great help.  He monitored Kilt's temp before her due date.  He made her whelping box.  Now, he monitors the puppies weights daily and I keep track of them on a written log.  They all have gained a couple of ounces every day.  Some more; no one less.

Girl - KK's (mini me)

Girl - (hill dog)

Boy - tri color  (Tri-pod)

Boy - smallest  (Diamond head)

Boy - tri color,  (first born)

Next time I will hold all 3 boys up together and the 2 girls up together.  I believe both the girls are blk/white and the smallest boy is blk/white.  The two big boys are tri colors.  I hope I have that right!
We are having so much fun watching them grow!  Sure glad there are only five, because where would you put any more than that?  Can you imagine what they will be like at TWO weeks of age?


Karen said...

Wow, they do seem big already. I thought it was funny that Kilt never moved in that video:)

gvmama said...

She geos into mother "zen" mode. Good girlie Kilt.