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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colorful desert

I added a little color to this short video.  Just playing around.  But, it was a most beautiful day in the desert.  Stacey and I went up up into the hills.  I only took Jet and Yoko.  Kilt is a bit lazy with pups.  Pictured above is Stacey's Molly just motoring along on her drive.  She has such a nice pace.  Yoko did some good stuff and some not so good stuff.  Jet just came to do a bit of shedding and help out with setting.

Ted Ondrak was kind enough to take my big weather, Palomino.  I also threw in my 20 mo. old ewe, Blackie.  I'm not fond of  'black' sheep for the hot West Coast sun. Plus, Palomino was a pain to take to the desert with the girls AND a pain to try to leave behind.  When we would split the sheep up in the desert, Palomino would actually HONK to the other ewes making it impossible to work two sets.

So we are now down to 9 sheep, all ewes.  Six dorper crosses and the 3 barbs.  The barbs make the group of nine easy to shed.  They move along at a medium pace.  Looks like an enjoyable group for the winter. :0)

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