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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting ready

Getting ready for what? 
For pups.  Notice I said the pleural.  I was so worried that Kilt was only having a "singleton."  But, I can feel more than one.  I say three.  Wayne says five.  On the other hand she is no where near as big as she was when she whelped 6 with Jet.  I will take her Thursday for an x-ray.  I have her due date as Dec. 21st.  We both feel she will whelp on the 19th.  Last litter (day 61) she had pups Jan. 19th, on my birthday. :0)

"I'm sure everything I can't find is in a safe, secure place, somewhere."
It's been almost 4 years since her first litter.  I "had" the most gorgeous Durawhelp box and set-up for the pups.  Now that we are down to T- minus less than a week, we can't find the whelping box.  It folds up in a box, but it is nowhere to be seen.  Panic time!  We have looked in all of the storage sheds, trailers, loft, etc. I have even looked under our bed. Wayne says he can make one, no problem.  I'm his wife.  I know it will be a problem.  Aaahhhhhhh. Though, he may have a chance to prove me wrong (like in the next couple of days)
Thank-you to Erin Swanson for offering her whelping box to us.  Unfortunately, her box is 5 ft. by 5ft.  We live in a tiny partial A-frame.  5' by 5' is too large for our itty bitty cabin.

I have been proven wrong!  YEA!  He did it in a few hours and it's PURRFECT!
I know it's because he loves Kilt so much. :0)  It has a beautiful rounded pig rail and a nice hatch that folds down so she can jump in and out.  Good work dear!  Wayne has been spending quite a bit of time with Kilt in her new whelping box this evening, so she feels comfortable.  Kilt, now please don't have your pups on our bed this time!

Christmas puppies coming soon!

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Karen said...

The Christmas stocking is the perfect touch!
Not long to wait now. I'm sure you will be taking lots of photos and video, and sharing it with us:)