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Friday, November 25, 2011

I smell a rat

I'm not sure what Yoko is doing in the wheel barrow.  I think she remembers riding in EveLynn's wheel barrow when she was a puppy.  She hopped right into it as soon as she saw Trouble in the hay shed.  Trouble has other things on her mind other than having her picture taken.

Trouble smells a rat...or maybe just a mouse

Hmmmmm No luck this time, but she knows they are there.

So...an afternoon roll in some sheep manure on a sunny day is just as fine.
It's tough being a Jack Russell :0)


Karen said...

The tough terrier life:)
They sure are great ratters though. My Dad used to flush them out with the hose and our Cairn terrier finished them off.
Our border collies are a fail though, even my Irish Setter was more successful than them.

gvmama said...

Yoko is my first BC hunter. She has a good nose on her. No wonder her best buddy besides her mother is Trouble :0)